2019 Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain

Queen Mary University of London, 9-12 September 2019

Special events at LAGB 2019

Invited speakers:

Sandy Chung (UC Santa Cruz)

Chris Potts (Stanford)

Education Session

The LAGB Education Committee will run a special session at LAGB 2019 titled:

The Drop in uptake of English Language A-level

Session organiser: Eva Eppler

Speakers: Willem Holman, Diane Leedham, David Duff, Michelle Sheehan, Devyani Sharma

The session will include discussion of potential reasons for the drop in uptake of English A-level, particularly the enrolment in English Language and English Language and Literature.

Willem Holman (Lancaster University) is going to explore the Russell Group's facilitating subjects list in the broader context of trends of A-level uptake and UCAS applications.

Diane Leedham (NALDIC) will address the role the new GCSE seems to play in this trend. 

David Duff (CEF) will supply context on A-level enrolments / university admissions and how these are monitored within other branches of English. He will furthermore present the Common English Forum position statement on the topic, and Michelle Sheehan is going to report on the Department of Education's response to it.

Devyani Sharma will talk about her experience with working sociolinguistics into the school curriculum.

One session will be reserved for discussion of further reasons for the drop in update of English Language A-level and what the LAGB Education Committee and other bodies can do to address them.

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