2016 Annual Meeting of the
Linguistics Association of Great Britain

University of York, 6-9 September 2016

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Workshop on Morphological Zeroes | Workshop on Computation | Summer School

Special events at LAGB 2016

Henry Sweet Lecture 2016

Bernard Comrie (University of California Santa Barbara) 

'Verb Root Ellipsis'

Linguistics Association Lecture 2016

Paul Smolensky (Johns Hopkins University) 

'Non-discrete Structures in Grammar'

Workshop on Advances in Linguistic Theory Through Computation 

(organised by Jennifer Culbertson and Paul Smolensky)

This workshop will be held in conjunction with Paul Smolensky's Linguistics Association Lecture on Friday 9 September 2016.

Language Tutorial

There will be a Language Tutorial on Jaminjung/Ngaliwurru, given by Eva Schultze-Berndt (Manchester University) on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 September 2016.


LAGB Summer School 2016

The LAGB Summer School 2016 will provide postgraduate students (and other interested parties) with the opportunity to attend masterclasses in linguistics, receive training opportunities, meet linguists and socialise with other postgraduate students from across the UK. The one-day LAGB Summer School will take place on Tuesday 6 September 2015. This event is co-organised by the LAGB Committee and the LAGB Student Committee.

Wiki session 

Over lunch on Wednesday to Friday, Lauren Gawne and Charlotte Hemmings (SOAS) will be running Wiki training sessions. Wikipedia is the 7th most visited site on the internet, but many linguistics articles are incomplete, out of date, or in need of attention from researchers and students. Editing Wikipedia has a tremendous impact on the perception of the field and is useful practice in explaining research in a neutral and accessible manner. No prior Wikipedia knowledge is assumed and the skills developed in the session will be applicable to a wide range of disciplines. Wikipedia editing will happen over all three lunch breaks at LAGB, feel free to join us once, or spend the three days improving content. 

If you wish to participate please:

- Bring a laptop with you;
- Setup an eduroam connection prior to the workshop;
- Register for a Wikipedia account prior to the workshop;
- Come with an idea of the page you wish to edit in mind and feel free to bring any resources to cite from. 

Education Session

The LAGB Education Committee will hold a two-hour session entitled Communicating with Other Worlds: Formal Linguistic Second Language Acquisition and Language Teaching. Further details will be available on the LAGB Education Committee website.

Please note that LAGB 2016 takes place just after Sinn und Bedeutung 21 (partly sponsored by the LAGB), which will take at the University of Edinburgh 4-6 September 2016. 

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