Outstanding Undergraduate Dissertation in Linguistics

From 2017, the LAGB proposes to award three prizes for outstanding dissertations or long-form essays in any subfield(s) of linguistics written by undergraduates. Each prize consists of a £100 cash award and one year's free membership of the LAGB.

In its first year, the prize attracted an impressively high standard of innovative and original research by undergraduates across the country. We are delighted to announce the inaugural winners of the Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Dissertation in Linguistics are, in alphabetical order:

Sarah Asinari (Queen Mary University of London) for Case Syncretism in Russian Numeral Constructions

Charlotte Liu (University College London) for It’s all Cantonese to me: Designing a non-word repetition set for Cantonese

Huinan Zeng (University of Sheffield) for The underspecification of the [CORONAL] feature: A study on the perception of word-medial mispronunciation in Mandarin

The committee would also like to congratulate the following students on the long list of submissions for their excellent work:

Charlotte Bush (Lancaster University): A corpus investigation into how stance adverbs contribute to the creation of YA authors' personae on Twitter
Georgia-Ann Carter (University of Kent): The influence of working memory capacity on ambiguity resolution: speaker-specific context-variability in absolute gradable adjectives
Samuel Crowe (University of York): An investigation into the use of phonetic stereotypes in the creation of lesbian and gay characters in American cartoons
Jonne Kramer (University of Westminster): If you ask Alice: a study on spoken Dutch for the purpose of humanoid conversational language
Elliott Land (University of Huddersfield): Speaker identification using laughter in a close social network
Marilena Onisiforou (University of Manchester): Use of code-switching in inter-generational and intra-generational communication in Greek (Cypriot Dialect) and English
Oliver Sayeed (University of Cambridge): Osthoff's Law in Latin

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