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    Dear all,

    I'm writing to ask for your assistance with this year's UK Linguistics Olympiad ( .

    We are expecting over 1500 students to take the test this week. Marking is due to take place between the 8th and the 15th February. That's why we need your help.

    If you already know what the UKLO is and would like to volunteer please sign up as soon as possible:

    1. Signup to the UKLO Portal by following this link:

    2. Once you have created an account, select the 'I'm a marker' tab and add your contact details (including postal address) and the maximum number of scripts that you are willing to mark

    If you'd like to know more about the UKLO then here's a list of FAQs:

    What is the UKLO? 

    The UKLO is a schools-based competition where children and young people complete a test comrpised of linguistic puzzles. The Olympiad has been running for several years now and is ever popular with schools across the UK. This year we are expecting over 1,500 students to sit the test. That's why we need your help. We are looking for individual volunteers or 'markathon' teams to assist with the marking of scripts for the 2016 Olympiad. 

    What do UKLO volunteer markers do?

    UKLO markers either mark individually or in marking teams ('markathons). Markers are linguists (from all backgrounds) and are either based at universities or in schools. Markers are allocated to particular schools to mark scripts for the first round of testing. 

    What is the commitment?

    Markers are free to decide their commitment. Most of our individual markers agree to mark 20-30 scripts. Markathon teams normally process 100 scripts. 

    As a time reference, the marking of 20 scripts by one marker is around a 3 hour commitment. 

    When does marking take place?

    Marking should take place between the 8th and the 15th February 2016 (so that's next week)

    Will marking resources be provided? 

    Yes. All markschemes are provided online on the UKLO portal. You will receive scanned copies of the test papers from your allocated school which you will then be asked to mark within a week. Results are uploaded on the portal.

    Do I have to be based in the UK to be a marker?

    No! number of our volunteer markers are based abroad. Schools can scan copies of test papers. You'll be able to add marks onto the portal directly. 


    We would particularly like to encourage volunteers to run markathons this year. 

    Thank you for your time.

    If you'd like to know more about UKLO marking this year please do not hesitate to contact me. 

    Best wishes



    Sondos Ibrahim

    UKLO Marking Co-ordinator 

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